Sponsorship Prospectus

So you want to sponsor PyGotham TV…

You’re awesome!

Quick Facts

In order to keep the conference free for everyone, we need your help. Several different levels of sponsorship are available. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly.

Once you’re ready, go ahead and send an email to sponsors@pygotham.org.

Corporate Sponsorship Levels

Benefit Platinum Gold Silver
  $6,000 $3,000 $1,500
Limited to 4
Logo on video bumper    
Video ads between conference sessions  
Access to the PyGotham chat server during the conference
Access to opt-in attendee contact information sharing
Logo and text in conference media
Announcements in social media
Priority access to PyGotham 2024 sponsorship opportunities

ASL interpreting and English language captioning sponsorships

À la carte add-on sponsorship options to support PyGotham’s ASL interpreting and English language captioning offerings is available upon request. If you would like to add these options to your standard sponsorship package, please let us know in your sponsorship inquiry email.


Does PyGotham offer Community and Open Source sponsorships?

Absolutely! Gold tier and silver tier equivalent sponsorships are available. If your organization or project is part of the Python community (or would like to be), reach out to sponsors@pygotham.org.

What are sponsor video ads?

To stay true to the network television experience, PyGotham TV will air ads between conference talks. Examples include product demos, testimonials, and even infomercials; fun and creativity are encouraged. Note: all ads must be approved by conference staff prior to the event.

How does contact information sharing work?

Per PyGotham’s privacy policy, PyGotham does not share attendee information with third parties by default. The attendee-sponsor relationship is a key aspect of the conference experience, so PyGotham is providing attendees a form to opt into sharing their contact information with conference sponsors.

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