A BuildEngineer in a buildless lang

1:15pm - 1:44pm on Saturday, October 7

Joshua Cannon


There’s more to Python than the language. And there’s more to Build Engineering than building code.

An entire ecosystem of amazing tools sit just beyond the atmosphere of Python’s interpreter. It’s a Build Engineer’s job to ensure you’re using the right ones, configured the right way, and that they run cohesively. As IBM Watson Orders’ Build Engineer I am the guardian of the developer experience of almost 100 engineers and data scientists in a Python monorepo. In the past year pre-submit time plummeted, the ease-of-use of local development tools skyrocketed, and I became a maintainer of an Open Source Build System. I am restlessly passionate about their developer experience as well as yours. You should be too.

Come find out why Build Engineering is important to you and your org, through one person’s constant struggle to expect better, how to find and foster Build Engineering, and how you can build better Python for yourself and others.

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