Brink: Saving a Society from Starvation

10:00am - 10:11am on Saturday, October 7

Krishi Sharma


Kawanda, a technologically advanced society on Planet Mirth, is on the brink of starvation and they have little time before they run out of food to feed their people. While they have sophisticated weaponry, and robotics, they only just started using data and Python to understand their society. The key challenge in food growth on their planet is that the unpredictable weather patterns has made it hard for them to take the proper precautions for them to keep the plants healthy.

So far, their tactics with known solutions and their strengths in robotics has failed, and the leaders worry that their nation go extinct from starvation. That is, until they find a stranded alien from a neighboring planet that may just have the solution that they need to help them unlock the secret to taming their temperamental climate. How can they predict the weather of the future using the data they’ve collected? Will the alien from Planet Earth be more help than harm?

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