Don't rely in memory: knowledge management for eng teams

3:30pm - 3:55pm on Friday, October 6

Hugo Bessa


This talk delves into the crucial topic of knowledge management for engineering teams. We will explore the inherent limitations of relying solely on individual memory and uncover effective strategies to overcome them.

During the session, we will highlight the risks associated with memory-based knowledge retention, such as information loss due to turnover or scaling challenges. By emphasizing the importance of capturing and organizing knowledge, we will showcase how knowledge management systems can foster collaboration, boost productivity, and facilitate informed decision-making.

Practical examples and valuable insights will be shared to guide participants in implementing successful knowledge management practices. Topics covered include identifying valuable how to organize knowledge, selecting suitable knowledge management tools, establishing effective documentation processes, and how to fit sync knowledge sharing into a routine. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of methodologies like wikis, code repositories, and internal documentation platforms, as well as best practices for their adoption.

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